The debate

I’ve been watching the presidential debate a bit tonight. It’s the first one that I’ve really viewed on my big TV. I watched the conventions on my laptop with and an NBC live feed. I find the debates tiresome. I did get to see Senator Obama refute his association with Bill Ayers and ACORN. I don’t know how John McCain can talk about voter fraud after the elections of 2000 and 2004. The Republicans seem to have written the book on fraud. Wall Street dropped another 700 points today and all John McCain can zero in on is guy that used to be part of the Weathermen forty years ago. I used be a John McCain admirer and in other years, particularly in 2000 I was pulling for him against Governor Bush. Tonight he doesn’t even look senatorial let alone presidential. He looks instead like an angry little boy. I want to know who is Joe Plumber? McCain is enthralled by this guy. McCain hates publicly financed health care, but he himself has been on the dole all his life. What’s up with that? Does John McCain honestly believe that a $5000 tax credit would allow average Americans to afford health care. How much does $5000 buy?  The average health care policy in this country costs $12,000. What planet is Senator McCain on? Oh well, the election is only a few weeks away and then we can prepare for campaign 2010.

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  1. Just a horrible idea by McCain, and an irascible performance tonight.

    I’m already getting raked overt the coals on private health insurance. I’m co-paying almost $800 a month, and it doesn’t even cover everything. Now, McCain wants me to pay taxes on top of that, so I’ll be incentivized to opt out for private health insurance. If that turns out to be anything like the intrusive process of getting term life insurance, it will be a horror-show.

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