CC Goldwater weighs in

I came across this well written piece on as I was eating my lunch. It’s written by CC Goldwater, the grand-daughter of the late Republican icon, Barry Goldwater. If you like the excerpted quote below then follow the link after it to read the rest of her thoughts.

My grandfather (Paka) would never suggest denying a woman’s right to choose. My grandmother co-founded Planned Parenthood in Arizona in the 1930’s, a cause my grandfather supported. I’m not sure about how he would feel about marriage rights based on same-sex orientation. I think he would feel that love and respect for ones privacy is what matters most and not the intolerance and poor judgment displayed by McCain over the years. Paka respected our civil liberties and passed on the message that that we should conduct our lives standing up for the basic freedoms we hold so dear.

Read the rest.  I supported Barry Goldwater and William Miller in 1964. I was the only student in my seventh grade class who did.

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  1. It is absolutely true that the republican party was traditionally the party of contraception and abortion. Not only was Goldwater pro-abortion, Ford and Rockafeller were too.

    It was the great surprise of history that the democrats became the party of abortion and the republicans became the party of life. After all it seems much more consistent with the new deal philosophy to care for the most vulnerable like the unborn, and much more keeping with republicanism to just kill that baby who is in the way of your personal greed.

    Carter was clearly conflicted about abortion, and all of the Kennedy’s were against it until the late 70’s.

    Reagan’s opposition to abortion is what allowed him to re-align the parties in the 80’s. Social conservatives do not really care much about tax policy. They just want to see an end to all of the killing.

    If the democrats would abandon their pro-abortion agenda, they would never loose another national election.

  2. I’m pro birth control. I’m against abortion, but I maintain that women have a choice in the matter. I’m pro Bill of Rights. I am a veteran and proud of my service, but I’m not pro-war. I think war is truly an extreme last resort. I pray for animals that my wife traps at our home. Left to my own devices I pray for the rascals to leave our home and porch. I’ve run into a five or six deer in the last 30 years on the highways and even though they’ve cost me hundreds in collision and comprehensive expenses, I’m not in favor of hunting them. I don’t care if others hunt, but hunting season is always frightening for me since I live on the edge of a wooded area. I don’t like cats or snakes but I treat them with respect. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I’m very independent. 😉 Don

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