Just in time

I’ve been following the transition of Barack Obama and I’ve enjoyed how President Elect Obama and his team continue to leverage the web. They’ve skirted traditional media outlets and they’ve taken their case right to the people. This is a groundbreaking approach and I believe it will be the end of politics as usual. Sunday talk shows will become passe. No longer will CNN, Fox, CBS and other cable outlets be the prism through which we view our leaders. They’ll be coming direct to us.  It’ll be refreshing not to have the filter of the main stream media. I’ve grown weary of food fight television shows where guests are shouted down by loud mouth hosts. Meaningful discourse instead of talking points supplied by corporate managers. Valerie Jarrett spells some of this out in this useful Youtube presentation. Gobama!


2 Replies to “Just in time”

  1. I would not count mainstream media out. They can still make his life very difficult. And remember the masses can become a mob very quickly when they become displeased.

    I am surprised and not at how close to the DC lobbying gang some of his selections have been. It does not appear to be a change.

    But I will admit I have not been following that closing.

    I think his use of social media is groundbreaking and will change the election process.

  2. Time will tell on the lobbyists. I too am wary of a system that is badly flawed. Lobbying knows no party, it only knows greed. 🙂 Don

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