I was looking at LearnHub.com and I came upon this wonderful presentation by John Kabat-Zinn. I hope you’ll take the time to view it and to wonder why we are aren’t teaching mindfulness in our classrooms. I have a link to Mindfulness in Education in my blogroll, but this is an invitation to mindfulness and meditation by one of the masters.


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  1. THANK YOU. I will be watching this in parts. I began this not paying attention to its length. Now i do not want to stop lol and address other areas of my life. Jon really is a wonderful teacher.

    1. This is great. Thank you for presenting such material for the world to see…ironically I finished some research, worked under Kabat-Zinn’s protege, about a year ago. Would be honored to share my results, although a pilot study, with you…

      Enjoy Life,

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