Get a grip

The so-called progressives in this country are going nuts about President-elect Obama’s choice of Rick Warren for the invocation at his inauguration.  Rick Warren’s not my kind of guy, but give Obama credit for doing what he promised and attempting to change the culture. We are not a gay America, nor a straight America. We are not blue America and red America. We are the United States of America, a country of many hues and voices that needs to become one. I’d have chosen Jim Wallis myself, but I applaud the President-elect’s choice of Rick Warren because he believes as I do that it’s okay to disagree as long as we don’t become disagreeable. We’ve been too disagreeable for too long and it’s killing us.

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  1. Well said. If we don’t have the “correct” label today we are attacked. Rick Warren’s book help me to find the God of my understanding. While I didn’t vote for the President-elect, I find that his cabinet choices are people who can reach across party lines and get things done.

  2. Merry Christmas James. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks to Michelle too. The political correctness of both extremes is debilitating. I don’t care for either. I’m enjoying the warmth of bio-fuel as I sit next to a pellet stove in my den. It’s snowing and cold here. We have a “snow day,” from work. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! 🙂 Don

  3. Don

    I am progressive and I am gay and you might be interested in my take on the Rick Warren issue. I think some may be surpirsed that we don’t all walk in lock step. My blog piece on this is referenced above in the “possibly related posts”- “Should the gay community be outraged? The Rick Warren Issue” on my blog “The Alligator”.

    I’ve also talked to many others in the gay community that feel as I do- disagreeing without being disagreeable is a better way to go.

    Should that “link” above disappear, here is the direct link-

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  4. To give the Invocation I ( would have picked Fr. Paul Hritz, a priest who passionately works with the poor in the inner city of Cleveland. And I told the Columbus Dispatch just before Election Day that as president, I would have announced that the lavish Inaugaral (I never spell that right) Ball dinners would be pre-empted for simple meals of rice and beans in solidarity with the poor — the savings going to the destitute in the Third World.

  5. I feel sorry for you. Your hate is going to consume you. The United States of America is a big tent and there has to be room for everyone. We’re not all gay, not all straight, some liberals, some conservatives, some moderates. President Bush is not being inaugurated and even if he was he never invited a member of the KKK to speak at his inauguration. So what is your point? Obama is trying desperately to pull this country together. We’ve had enough polarization. Obama was elected by a majority of the people. Politics is about compromise. We’ve just had eight years of no compromises and frankly I’m tired of that and so are most of the American people.

    I’m a regular reader of Andrew Sullivan. I recommend you read what Andrew has to say about this flap, 🙂 Don

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