April showers

Today we’re getting some white showers. Yes, a bit of snow is in the air here in the western southern tier of New York. I’m sitting next to my pellet stove enjoying the warmth it is supplying. We are having a cool day today and one is forecast for tomorrow as well. With few exceptions this has been an exceptionally warm spring and a lovely March and April.  Were it not snowing I’d be mowing the our lawn. The grass has grown enough to invite its first mowing.

Today is the first day of our spring break. In a week Franklinville will be home to the Western New York Maple Festival. The festival has been on tap here since 1967 when it was started by the local JayCee chapter. Since then it has grown into a widely attended festival. When I first moved to Franklinville a bit over thirty years ago the festival featured more crafts and there was an art show, square dancing, a ham and leek dinner and more. In the past ten years the emphasis has shifted to a more general carnival. I enjoy the smell of the carnival like foods, it’s a reminder of what’s in store at county fairs and fireman’s carnivals which dot our countryside in the spring, summer and early autumn.
I’m not making a pilgrimage to the southern states this year and I kind of wish I was. Maybe that will come later in the year. In the past couple of years I’ve visited Georgia, the Carolina’s and Virginia in April. This year I’m staying home. I might take some day trips and I’m going to enjoy my time off.