Still water

I’ve come here to think, to brood perhaps to lick my wounds. I’ve come up short again trying to pass the New York State School leadership exam. I passed one with flying colors and missed the other by 2 points. God I hate losing and failing. Two points might as well be two hundred. I got a 4.0 at St. Bonaventure University in the Education Leadership program and I am having difficulty with the darned exam. Does an exam make a leader? Sitting here next to the Genesee River soothes my soul at least for now. I had lots of people praying for me but I guess it either wasn’t enough or it wasn’t God’s will. I’m not praying on these things anymore. Emerson said that “every wall is a door.” I’m looking for the door now and maybe I’ll find it next to this river. It’s quiet here and solitude is what I crave.


2 Replies to “Still water”

  1. Don, I am sorry the exam didn’t work out for you. I want to encourage you that God has placed you where you are today because he has a plan for you. His timing is perfect…not too late, not too early….just right! He has molded and shaped you as the master potter, and He has not forgotten you. What He begins, He will finish. Count it all joy…..His end for you will be more than you could have ever hoped or dreamed! That’s the God we know and serve. I am proud of you, and especially for your servant’s heart. Keep focused on Him. The best is yet to come.

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