One with creation

Yesterday as I made my way around the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC I was struck by how much these wonderful indigenous people were in tune with the earth. The wisdom quotes which ringed the walls of the museum bespoke a culture that respected life. All life including relationships with plants, rocks and anything created was sacred. I appreciated the parallels with the Franciscan intellectual tradition in the writing of Bl. John Duns Scotus, St. Bonaventure and more recently Ilia Delio, OSF. We have much to learn and apply from our native brothers and sisters. We need a renewed kinship with all creation.

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  1. The entire Cosmos is contained within each individual. The sensation of, and the capacity to function within, that dimension is severely impacted by egoistic influences. Each individual chooses the influence and the collective force of choices determines the form of the relationship between Humanity and Creation.

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