Unscripted Pontiff

I was reading an article tonight at National Catholic Reporter about the perils of an un-scripted Pope. Apparently Pope Francis extemporaneous comments in his homilies have the Vatican scampering around doing what some might call damage control. I for one am glad we have a Pope who is not scripted. I don’t think Jesus was scripted and neither was St. Francis of Assisi. The politically inclined are often so afraid to express what’s really on their hearts that they miss opportunities to be helpful. Pope Francis has been a breath of fresh air and I hope he keeps up with these unscripted, from the heart homilies and interactions with the faithful. He’s been an answer to my prayers. We need a living breathing faith and practice of faith that mirrors life. Keep up the good work, Holy Father! Keep those who would contain and package you into a commodity at arms length.

2 Replies to “Unscripted Pontiff”

  1. Bishops have not explained very well the various levels of doctrinal authority. Hence, many people, even many Catholics, incorrectly assume that everything a pope says he intends to be infallible. As a consequence, off-the-cuff remarks give rise to confusion, and even scandal, among the laity. Fr Lombardi addressed this here: http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/05/30/lombardi:_note_on_daily_mass_homilies/en1-696783 . But more needs to be said about vehicles of doctrinal authority. Pax et Bonum!

    1. I suppose you’re right, but it’s refreshing that Pope Francis is a man of the people. He’s not locked up in an ivory tower. I love the church and it’s been dying until now. He has resuscitated the church and enlivened the people. We needed that.

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