Breathing in and breathing out

It’s been eighteen months now since I began to follow my breath and it has lead me to peace and stillness. I first took a meditation class in 1976. It was Transcendental Meditation. There was a mantra and formal training. There was a cost too. I don’t remember what it was. I didn’t stay with it. Over the years that followed I read and practiced at various times but always I was filled with conflict. Was I doing it right? Is this it? Do I need a mantra? What about Om? What about Jesus or Abba? So what’s different now? I have up the debate and just accepted following my breath. I do it morning and night a d sometimes in the car. Sometimes I follow my breath before teaching a room full of anxious middle schoolers. One of my students asked me if I was a monk. A common thread amongst them all and with me too is that I’m relaxed and at peace and they sense that. I’m filled with energy too. One young man said each day as I shook his hand before class that my hand was warm and it was after a few minutes of forward bends and sun salutations. Even I am impressed with the relaxation and fitness. Yoga class begins in a few minutes and I’m glad to be here. It’s a weekly event that has come to be a good habit in my life. Namaste!