A call to holiness

There’s been a lot of pushback on social distancing and mask wearing. Many consider theses measures as umbrage. It isn’t always a pleasant experience. It is an annoyance to have to wear a face covering. When I was a little boy my Mom would say, “offer it up.” In other words doing thing that were not pleasant were in fact a call to holiness. I have begun to look at mask wearing differently since remembering my Mother’s missive.

Many times in life we’re called to endure situations that are irksome, worrisome and annoying. This is just one more of those instances. When we think of holiness it’s sometimes confused with piety and perhaps going to church on your day of worship. However, there are myriad opportunities to be holy or called to holiness. For some it may be a stoplight, for others it might be waiting in that line in the grocery store. In this pandemic standing six feet apart, wearing a mask and washing our hands frequently can be calls to holiness too.

The more I try to avoid suffering the more I suffer. I need to learn to embrace the suffering and embrace the mask that I am called to wear. The mask is my penance, my cross and my redemption.

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  1. When I’m out these days and things get in my way sometimes my first thought is still to “get in front of them”! Like a car trying to pass me on the right-hand side, and I want to speed up to block them from pulling into my lane. Then I say a quick prayer, “Your day not my way”, and ease up on the accelerator.

    Likewise, with the masks and gloves when we go out in public. They are such a nuisance. But then I remember this is service work toward my fellow man. When I see the others not wearing masks or keeping their distance, I pray they get the peace I’m looking for.

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