Summer thoughts

Most of the folks who are virulently anti LGBTQ are unsure of their own sexuality. I’ve found gay people to be twice gifted with unique contributions to make. Indigenous people in the Americas referred to gay folks as the people of two spirits.

Taking away a woman’s right to choose is also profoundly wrong. Imposing your narrow religious beliefs on the rest of us is fucked up.

The real existential threat facing our world is climate change. If you aren’t concerned about that you ought to be. I’ll be long gone when the worst happens but our children and especially our grandchildren’s lives will be cut short by a mass extinction happening within the next 100 years.

One Reply to “Summer thoughts”

  1. I don’t want to kill anything but I don’t want to impose my views on anyone either. I don’t run over squirrels and other animals if I can help it when I’m driving but I don’t seek to legislate my views that all life is sacred. I’m in agreement on contraceptives. They should be plentiful and we should offer family planning as part of comprehensive health care.

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