Corpus Christi

Today at Mt. Irenaeus our liturgy began in the friar garden next to the House of Peace. Fr. Dan opened up the Eucharist with an invitation to silence. In the silence we listened for the voice of God. Fr. John invited us to remember that the Eucharist comes from the earth and that we are one with all creation. We processed up the hill to Holy Peace Chapel and as we walked we sang “Laudate Dominum, Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes, alleluia.

It was all very moving. As I walked behind Fr. Bob and Br. Joe I was blessed by a benediction of tears. Tears of gratitude and an overwhelming sense of presence of the Body of Christ.

Throughout the Eucharist there was a sense of presence and connectedness to the Body of Christ. We are all one in Christ and through Christ. I am grateful today because it has been Christ who transformed my broken spirit and gave me a new life. I believe no one can be transformed without that brokenness. Each of us and all of us must pass through our agony and metaphoric crucifixion to join with Christ in our redemption. There is after all a purpose for our suffering. We cannot be complete until we recognize and accept our imperfection.