The Little Three

Tonight I’ll be joining our family in Buffalo, New York for the St. Bonaventure University vs Canisius College basketball game. This will be the second or maybe third time I have gone to a game at the Koessler Athletic Center where the Golden Griffins play their basketball games. It will be the first time I have attended with our entire family. Forty-one years ago I asked this lovely young woman to attend a St. Bonaventure vs Duquesne game and little did I realize where that date would lead. After a courtship of about eighteen months we were married and eventually had two children who accompanied us to Bonaventure games. Now the children are grown, married and have families of their own. Tonight we will be joined at the game by our daughter, her husband (Canisius graduate) and our grandson Edison. Our son Devin and grandson Myles will be there too. We’ll also be with our two newest grandchildren who are currently in utero. We don’t know if there are two boys, two girls or a boy and a girl but they’re going to be introduced to a “Little Three” rivalry which spans many years. We’re a basketball loving family and grateful to be together tonight.

St. Bonaventure University Basketball Rocks the House

Last night our family attended the St. Bonaventure University vs. Canisius College men’s basketball game at The Reilly Center. We sat in Section 10 and had a birdseye view of the court. We participated in a rich tradition that spans decades. My Mom and Dad attended these games at the Olean Armory when I was a preschooler. I’ve been an active St. Bonaventure fan since the days of Bob Lanier, Billy Kalbaugh and Jim Satalin. My first time at the Reilly Center was in 1967, I saw Bonaventure beat Loyola of Chicago. Thirty-two years ago next month my wife and I came on our first date to a St. Bonaventure game at Reilly Center. Coming to St. Bonaventure games is sacramental. Last night as I sat with my father-in-law, wife, daughter Dara and her fiancĂ©e Shaun I felt a sense of gratitude and joy for our participation in this rich tradition. The appeal of the Bonnies is inter generational. My wife, daughter and I are all St. Bonaventure alumni too. That’s a point of pride for us. We’ve been treated to many great games over the years and last night’s game against Canisius was no exception. The cast of players changes each year but the mystique continues. Thank you to St. Bonaventure University their opponents the Canisius Golden Griffins and to the coaches for a wonderful evening of memories.