Corpus Christi thoughts and more

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.– Rumi

I got to Mt. Irenaeus on time today but the liturgy had already started in the Friars garden as Fr. Dan Riley, OFM was leading those present and the other friars in prayers, blessings and incense. Dan reminded us that we are conjoined and consecrated by all creation and that it all is the Body of Christ. That simple yet powerful reminder is why I make the trek of 30 miles each week for Eucharist. Liturgies at the Mountain are more than typical “McChristianity” that is the norm in much of the world. At Mt. Irenaeus each of us is blessed and reminded of that blessedness each week. Dan’s homily invited us to think of ourselves as co-creators of the Body of Christ. We are invited to a feast at which we are both sacred creator and consumer. There is no one in this creation who is greater or less than another. This intentional hospitality is what draws those who journey each week to Holy Peace Chapel. I am drawn by that not so strange pull that animates my life. What and where it is leading now I don’t know but I have every intention of following.