Making All Things New

I had a friend tell me tonight that I was one of the few people he met who continues to seek after God or if you will a higher power. I can’t deny that I don’t spend a lot of time reading spiritual and religious works. I am attracted to them and to holy places. I’m not a person who is devoted to piety. In fact piety seems foreign to me, but I cannot deny that I ponder deep questions at times. Recently I have been reading a wonderful book written by Ilia Delio. The title, “Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness” ┬ájust leapt out at me. It’s not the first book written by the author that I’ve read and probably won’t be the last. I’m very grateful to Sister Ilia who offers scholarship and great insight on a topic that has interested me since I was a young boy. I cannot begin to explain the book here nor do I want to except to encourage you to read if for yourself. It you are spiritual seeker who is looking for insights about the future of Christianity and Catholicism then this book deserves your attention. The following quote comes from the final chapter of the book.

Religion, therefore, is always a genesis, a birthing of the Spirit toward greater unity. Without the dynamic energy of transcendence by which consciousness rises and relationships deepen, religion grows old and weary; it becomes rote, a mechanistic repetition of old ideas. To function out of an old cosmology with old ideas of matter and form, to think that God does not do new things, is to make an idol out of Jesus and to ignore the power of the Spirit.

Delio, Ilia (2015-09-22). Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, Consciousness (Catholicity in an Evolving Universe Series) (Kindle Locations 4083-4086). Orbis Books. Kindle Edition.