Massively Open Online Course

A couple of days ago I signed up for my first ever MOOC and then I visited the and signed up for a course about Locating, Creating, Licensing and Utilizing OER (Open Educational Resources). MOOCs are potentially disruptive innovation.  They are free courses primarily from higher education institutions that have traditionally charged tuition for such opportunities. Regardless of the implications I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about open educational resources (OER). It’s an area that has interested me ever since I began to explore open source software and open source resources. I’ve found the course I’m taking to be very engaging and already I have learned a great deal. I’ve found out about Coursesites and Coursera. I’ve learned more about OER Commons and how to add your own open educational resource and license it properly using Creative Commons.  I’ve learned about resources that support the open educational resource community like and added to the knowledge I already had about other sites like CK-12 which allows teachers to create their own Common Core aligned texts which can be shared in a browser or on any tablet that can view portable documents (PDF).

Whether massive online courses are the future or not few can say. But one thing is for sure they along with pervasive broadband and wireless have changed the landscape of traditional higher education and will transform aspects of K-12 as well.

The First Step in Entrepreneurship

That’s part of the title for a course of study I signed up for today. It’s being offered through the University of Maryland. This is my first course with Coursera. I’m an entrepreneur and the owner of my own business and I’m looking for opportunities to grow professionally. The course is being taught by Dr. James Green. I’ve taken graduate courses on line before so this is not an entirely new experience. However, this is the first time I’ve taken any courses at the University of Maryland. I’ve been following Coursera on Twitter for over a year and reading about them on educational technology blogs. Coursera is a Massive Online Open Course or MOOC and I’ve been interested in how MOOCs could shape our educational future.