I’ve been at Drupalcon DC since Wednesday. I came to DC to learn as much as I could about Drupal and I have learned a great deal. I also wanted to get together with my nephew Tom who is a member of the US Navy Ceremonial Guard here in Washington. Last night after a very interesting day at DrupalCon DC I called Tom and we got together for dinner at Clyde’s, a downtown eatery. The food was excellent and I really enjoyed visiting with Tom.  I’m very proud of him and his naval service.  I let him know that. I told him that any young man or woman who volunteers for military service in a time of war has my deepest admiration and respect, not to mention my prayers too.

I’ve had a great experience here in the Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC area. I left DrupalCon a little early today so that I could spend some time on the mall and maybe stop at the Smithsonian. I did get in a nice walk all the way around the Washington Monument and back. I stopped at the Museum of Natural History and picked up some tulip bulbs for my wife. She loves to garden and this will be a way to remember my journey.