I’ve been at Drupalcon DC since Wednesday. I came to DC to learn as much as I could about Drupal and I have learned a great deal. I also wanted to get together with my nephew Tom who is a member of the US Navy Ceremonial Guard here in Washington. Last night after a very interesting day at DrupalCon DC I called Tom and we got together for dinner at Clyde’s, a downtown eatery. The food was excellent and I really enjoyed visiting with Tom.  I’m very proud of him and his naval service.  I let him know that. I told him that any young man or woman who volunteers for military service in a time of war has my deepest admiration and respect, not to mention my prayers too.

I’ve had a great experience here in the Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC area. I left DrupalCon a little early today so that I could spend some time on the mall and maybe stop at the Smithsonian. I did get in a nice walk all the way around the Washington Monument and back. I stopped at the Museum of Natural History and picked up some tulip bulbs for my wife. She loves to garden and this will be a way to remember my journey.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your time here! It’s been an exciting few months to live where so much is going on. I wish I’d had enough time to keep up with blogging and reading blogs recently, because I’d have recommended you check out the lovely meditation fountain in the Sackler Gallery (part of the Smithsonian, next to the Castle, underground) – one of my favorite spots in all of the Smithsonian, and one that few people outside the city know about.

    I’m hoping as I move into teaching (that’s what I’ve been so busy with) that I’ll be able to introduce my students to all the rich resources we’re surrounded with.

  2. I thought of you as I planned my trip and later as I arrived in the DC area. You are blessed to live in a lovely area that has been home to such great events. I was filled with gratitude and deeply touched as I walked along the National Mall last Friday. We have weathered a terrible storm as a nation and at least for now we appear to be headed in a better direction. I hope to return next month and this time with my wife for a brief visit and to again enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the nation’s capitol. I too have been very busy and haven’t taken time to write much. 🙂 Don

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