Relief from weasels

We are in another election year. It’s a cycle that lasts longer than “road construction” it seems. Each year the hookah gets deeper and deeper. Politicians have always been full of it, but with 24×7 spin doctors on all the cable outlets it’s become near impossible to get a story without an interpretation. What passes for journalism is often spin. Then too we’re surrounded by a culture where the truth is often obfuscated by fancy words. Don’t you yearn for straight talk. Take a look at Weaselwords for some relief and maybe a laugh.


A real leader is always at the scene of the battle. Contrast Barack Obama’s tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq with the leadership style of our current president. Senator McCain’s camp actually leaked the details of the trip, but Obama, a real leader went anyway and visited U.S. troops. That’s a paradigm change from our current leader who always arrives in Iraq under the cover of darkness and cloaked in secrecy.

Take a look at this video.


Lamb of God

Today I took some time apart, an afternoon away from it all and spent quiet time in the sanctuary of Abbey of the Genesee. It had been over a month since my last visit and I was thirsty to hear the stillness of the Abbey chapel. This past week I started reading a new book that I picked up at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center. It’s Richard Rohr’s latest, “Things Hidden, Scripture as Spirituality.” It’s been awhile since I’ve read any book. Richard’s books have all been great reads. Tonight following my return I mowed the lawn, drove to the Olean Airport, took a swim and then ate a Monk’s Brownie. While eating the brownie I decided to read the RSS feed from Jim Wallis’ “God’s Politics,” a blog that I’ve been looking at lately. One of the stories led me to a story about Jesus for President and this litany.