Veterans for Massa

I was happy to see in tonight’s Olean Times Herald that Eric Massa is pulling 5 percentage points ahead of the incumbent, Congressman Randy Kuhl of Hammondsport. I am a signer of Eric Massa’s Veterans Pledge.  Just yesterday a gentleman called me to see if I’d be willing to have my name published in the newspapers in the 29th Congressional District. I told this gentleman who happened to be a veteran also that I was proud to support the Commander and that he had my permission to put my name in letters 2 inches high if necessary. He chuckled and thanked me very much. Tonight I checked Eric Massa’s official website and there was my name along with 388 other veterans who are supporting Eric Massa. I get a little choked up when I think of veterans and particular those veterans who’ve had enough of politicians who never served in our armed forces putting other young men and women in harms way. Follow this link to see the name of those of us who are supporting Eric. We are a band of brothers.