A time of re-creation

Tonight I drove over to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass, supper and an “Evening of Re-Creation.” This is the first evening of its kind I’ve been able to attend this summer. Everything from Fr. Bob’s homily to the evening session where Brother Kevin Kriso, OFM led a group of three people who shared about the topic of service was what I needed to hear. The gospel passage that was highlighted this evening was from Luke 7:20. Are you the one or should we expect someone other. How often I demand proof. Is this really what you want me to do. In other words are you the one or should I expect someone else. I’ve been doing that lately. Second guessing can sometimes appear cautious and logical but there comes a time when I must pick up my mat and walk. I must move forward with caution perhaps but move forward nonetheless. Sometimes re-creation and re-invention go hand in hand.