Almost Snow

Today following breakfast I walked from my home into the village and along North Main Street past Franklinville Central School. I intended to stop at Maple Haven Restaraunt on the north side of the village to purchase some oatmeal raisin cookies that they sell there. I stopped to visit a former co-worker who hailed me as I was ambling past the high school. It was good to see Sue again and we caught up a bit since our last visit a couple of months ago. Looking up North Main and just above the horizon I could see the dark gray clouds that usually precede snow. When I left the house this morning I had checked the thermometer but not the forecast. Snow was in the forecast for tonight but I don’t remember hearing anything about today. Now, though as I made my way along I could see ¬†and feel the precipitation which was almost snow. The wind began to pickup and the slight chill in the air was accentuated by the presence of nearly frozen precipitation. Dressed only in a fall jacket and baseball hat I decided that I would postpone my date with oatmeal raisin cookie and instead return to my home.

The telltale signs of fall have been in the air. Flocks of Canadian Geese along with other migratory birds have been filling the air. I love the sound of the geese honking across the sky. Even though I prefer warmer weather I love this annual procession to winter in Western New York.