A pilot’s view

This lovely video was created by GA Serves America which I was made aware through my AOPA memmbership. I think it’s a lovely reflective piece and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy it.


Olean Airport

I drove up to Olean Airport in nearby Ischua, New York on my way home from Mount Irenaeus this afternoon to see how the improvements were progressing.  This year has seen a complete remodeling of the offices, a new roof, a new driveway, fencing and new ramp for aircraft.  A regular visitor must be impressed not only with the quality but the relative speed of the improvements. Add to that the airports new website is now fully operational. I have had a very small part to play in that process. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you visit the virtual presence of “Oscar Lima Echo” as a pilot might refer to it. Click here to visit the new airport web site.

I’m always excited to visit the airport whether driving up Hatch Hill or entering the pattern from above. I remember driving up to the airport with my father and grandfather to watch the earth movers take off the top of the hill. Later as a high school student I took my first ride in a Cessna 170 from this airport. The airport support group has compiled a nice history of the airport.