Gus Macker Tournament

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This weekend our family spent much of the weekend in Hornell, New York at the annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. Our son Devin has competed in many of these events over the past ten to twelve years. This weekend Devin’s team finished third in the Top Mens Division. His teammates included Jeff Haskell, Jason Luther and Bob Gibbs. This video taken from the second game on Saturday features Devin and his teammates along with our neighbor Ben Kopp who was on the opposing team. In fact this game featured neighbors and relatives playing against each other. This weekend was a lot of fun watching lots of talented players compete.
I took the video with my Canon ZR200 camera and edited it on Ubuntu 7.10 using Kino. Kino works well with

Devin on “D”

Devin on “D”

Devin was guarding a couple of big guys today and Jon Burgio was one of them. Jon is a recent graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo and in addition to being tall and powerfully built is a good post player.  Devin at 6’3″ gave away six inches and almost 150 pounds to this guy. Devin’s team lost a close game 15-14 as time ran out. Overall their Gus Macker record at the Jamestown tournament was 3-2. It was great to see these young men in action again and to share a pre-game meal with them and Tim Anderson’s parents at the Cherry Lounge on Cherry Street in Jamestown, New York. It was 88 degrees at game time and very humid. Diane and I’ve been following basketball games ever since our first date and we’ve been following Devin since he was in grade school basketball leagues. I’ve written about Devin many times and I’m very proud of what he has accomplished both on and off the basketball court.

Today it was great to be united with these special young men and several of the parents. Today was one of the days I was glad to be alive.