This has been a very busy and productive week. It’s been a week with a full range of emotion. On Monday of this week I received an email from a doctor with whom I worked at the Naval Air Station Dispensary in  Albany, GA thirty-five years ago. We were re-introduced on LinkedIn.  The power of social networking is incredible. What an experience and I’m very grateful that we had the chance to exchange news and updates on the progress of our lives. Thirty-five years seems like a life time ago. I shared this news with my colleagues at work, most of whom had no idea that I worked in an Ob-Gyn ward, assisted in the delivery of newborn babys and worked in the newborn nursery.  I’ve had such a rich life and I’m not as grateful as I ought to be.

Add to that I’ve been working on a Ubuntu Linux terminal server and getting ready to attend the New York State Computer and Technology Educators Conference in Rochester, New York tomorrow through Tuesday of next week. I’ve been re-reading some books that I  haven’t looked at in years and going back to basics in my life.

The sudden onset of winter weather too has been a change. We’ve had overnight lows around 10F and nearly a foot of snow in our yard. Add to that I’ve been recovering from a chest infection. In all it’s been a very rewarding but very busy week and though I’ve written a lot on my professional blog, I’ve not felt ready to write anything here until now. This morning I’ve been reading Huffington Post and some other blogs and listening to music. I want to share a beautiful clip from one of my favorite artists, Bill Douglas, it’s entitled Angelico. There are always angels in my life and this is a week when I noticed them.


Bill Cosby

Last night my wife and I drove west the sixty-seven or so miles that it is from our home in Franklinville, New York to Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua is one of those lovely contemplative venues that I love. Diane loves Bill Cosby and for her birthday in June I bought a couple of tickets to Saturday’s 8:15 performance. She and our children regularly watched the Cosby Show when it was regular series.

I’ve liked Bill Cosby since I was a young boy. I can remember him starring on “I Spy” with Robert Culp. I remember seeing him on other television shows too. I remember that Bill Cosby wrote an endorsement for the Temptations on their “Great Hits” album.

But, it wasn’t until after I purchased the tickets and read about him on Wikipedia that I realized that we had something in common. It turns out that we are both US Navy veterans and we both served as Hospital Corpsman. Diane thoroughly enjoyed the show. She laughed so hard her sides hurt. Thank you to Bill Cosby for a great evening.

I used my new Blackberry Curve to take this lovely picture of Chautauqua Lake after Diane and I finished dinner at the Tally Ho.


A couple of days ago I left home with Georgia on my mind and this morning I’m going to return to a place that really only exists in my heart. Last night I arrived after nearly an eleven-hundred mile journey to Albany, GA. Thirty-five years ago I arrived here in dress blues with my seabag and another hospital corpsman. We were fresh out of United States Navy Hospital Corps School in Great Lakes, IL. Continue reading “Soteria”