I challenge you..

A couple of weeks ago following my nephew’s graduation from Recruit Training at Great Lakes Naval Station I approached my nephew and told him I thought that national service would be a good thing for most Americans. I thought we’d have a little less self-absorption if more of our fifty and under crowd actually served something other than their own narrow agendas. Tom agreed and said, “Uncle Don I just said the same thing to Dad.”  I hear a lot of talk from many of my younger friends and even from some of the older ones of supporting the troops, but I want to know what have you actually done. I therefore challenge this new generation of Americans to join up. Go Navy! Go Army! Go Marine! Go Air Force! Go Coast Guard! Do something don’t just talk big, walk big too. If you can’t actually join, find a military person that you can write to. Find out if they need money for their family and send them some cash. Ask for nothing in return.

I gotta go now.., but you think of what you can do to help our young women in men and uniform and better yet become one yourself. Patriotism is more than waving the flag, it’s about carrrying it too. Show your gratitude by what you do, not what you say.