Help my unbelief

One of my friends read yesterday’s “Morning Thoughts” post and didn’t scold me for not having faith but instead said he was praying to help his unbelief. Questioning the existence of God is part of an mature relationship with a power greater than myself. A careful reading of the bible provides numerous cases where prophets despaired and called God out. My friend said he was following the example of Pope Francis and was praying the rosary every day in the month of May. I’ve been doing that too, but God wasn’t answering my prayers with the speed and accuracy I had been hoping for. God never does. One of my favorite biblical writers is David and throughout the psalms David battles with God. Jonah ran away and Job battled despair and depression.

“Why did I not perish at birth, and die as I came from the womb?” 

Job 3:11

Sharing your despair with others is actually the secret to emotional and spiritual maturity. We’re as sick as our secrets. Finding someone we can confide in and share our pain is the touchstone of progress. Do I see God in the sunshine, flowers, trees and the life that surrounds me? Yes, I do. Will I continue to pray the rosary even though I don’t see any results? Yes, because when I’m praying I’m not overthinking. Enjoy your day.

Remembering Martin

We’ll soon celebrate Dr. King’s birthday. In the years since his death and especially since his birthday became a national holiday there has been a collective effort by government and the media to sanitize Martin’s message. This quote came from an article in this week’s National Catholic Reporter by Fr. John Dear and it’s attributed to Martin Luther King. This is the Dr. King I remember in the 1960s, a prophetic voice of non-violence.

“After we get there,” he said, “we’ll call the peace movement in, and try to close down the Pentagon. I don’t know what Jesus had as his demands other than ‘Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.’ My demand is ‘Repent, America.’ We live in a sick, neurotic nation, but this campaign is based upon hope. Hope,” he concluded, “is the final refusal to give up.”–Martin Luther King

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