I listened to Scott McClellan discuss his new book, What Happened,  several times last week and just yesterday I listened to retired Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez discuss his new book, Wiser in Battle,  on NPR. I also just watched a couple of sources for Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Scott McClellan during which Bill O. goes bonkers trying to frame Scott as disingenuous. From all of it,  I’ve drawn what I thought all along that the Iraq War was trumped up. Americans were sent into harms way by a president and an administration who cared nothing about facts and only about narrow policy goals which were not even related to the deaths of American citizens and military on September 11, 2001.

It’s really interesting to listen to what General Sanchez has to say because he does so in such a matter of fact manner and without the hype of a Bill O’Reilly interview setting. NPR and C-Span are a lot classier venues than the cafeteria fight settings of most cable networks where the hosts shout down the guests.

There can be little doubt given Richard Clarke’s book, McClellan’s, General Sanchez’s work that we were systematically lied to and that this president and his minions cared little about the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States of America or the world court of public opinion.  Soon they will be leaving office and we can only hope that the next president whoever that is will be more truthful.