Thoughts on the truth

Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors. There is so much that I can identify with in her writing. I came across this TED talk today on the Twitter feed of Nadia Bolz-Weber. Her concept of God is close to my own. You might enjoy this talk too.


I will lead you into the desert, and there I will speak to your heart. Hosea 2:14

Campaign 2008 and the news media in general have driven me into the desert. I’m really blessed because the onslaught of media both print, internet and televised has driven me to silence and contemplation.  It’s been a gradual thing. At first it began intentionally four or five Lents ago and now it has become a way of life. The desert has been a metaphor for a place of radical truth. I’m grateful the media then for driving me closer and closer to a contemplative life that seeks more and more to live apart from them and their reality.  Life can be very beautiful most of the time without the constant harangue.