I will remember

Today we lost another legend. Walter Cronkite was the man upon whom a generation of Americans depended for the news. In the days before cable news and now the blogosphere we depended on Walter Cronkite to give us the news. Every night at 6:30 pm I would sit in our family room with my Mom, Dad, brother and sister following our dinner and listen to Walter Cronkite give us an update.

My earlier recollections of Walter were from the late 1950’s when I’d watch “The Twentieth Century,” a weekly program featuring Walter Cronkite with my Dad. There were other newsmen and many were as famous but they all predeceased Walter. Names like Chet Huntley, David Brinkley and Harry Reasoner. I remember Walter telling us that President Kennedy had been murdered in Dallas, Martin Luther King murdered in Memphis, Apollo Eleven landing on the moon. He was part of all that was news for the first thirty years of my life. Thanks you Walter and may you rest in peace.