Last night one of my friends told me that this year there would be a shortage of wood pellets. I don’t think there is a shortage of wood pellets anymore than I thought there was a need to attack Iraq. What we have in this country and perhaps the world is a shortage of honest people. We live surrounded by greed and avarice. Daily we are bombarded by the mainstream media and our governments with deceitful assertions that boggle the mind of anyone bold enough to think for themselves. If you read the Gospel you are presented with one reality. Perhaps the ultimate reality. If you read or listen to the main stream media you are witness to an illusion that is purported to be reality, but it is really a carefully crafted deception. It is really a psychological operation fueled by dishonesty which seeks to manipulate its listeners. If you value your sanity I urge you read the Gospel, the Gita, the Talmud, the Koran or whatever is sacred to you and to live as though it were true. Even if you don’t completely believe all that is there, act as if you did and perhaps we can change the world. Peace.

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