I bought the pellets for our stove yesterday. They had increased in price by nearly forty dollars per ton. The store owner told me there was a shortage of sawdust. I live in the foothills of the Allegany Mountains surrounded by trees. A shortage of ideas seemed to be more the issue than a shortage of sawdust. Nonetheless, we negotiated a price and how the delivery would be accomplished and I was out the door. I’m indebted to the ingenuity of a Canadian dentist who invented pellet stoves. I’d like to have met a person so ingenious. I’ve heard that the dentist was a hobbyist who produced a lot of sawdust and rather than throwing it out designed a stove to keep him warm. We need more “out of the box” thinkers like that to solve our current energy crisis.

I work with computers everyday and I’m fascinated at times by them, but I’m even more fascinated by the brain. Think of all the brains that have been destroyed by war. Imagine if all that thinking power had been unleashed instead on cures for cancer, energy and whatever. Our creator has given us great tools to work with. Sometimes we fail to recognize all that surrounds us. Just imagine what we could accomplish. Peace.

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