A Plan to End the War

I’m watching the peaceful protest on the mall in Washington, D.C. on C-SPAN. Thank you C-SPAN, we can’t get the corporate controlled media to cover this event. I’ve listened to many wonderful speakers among them Dennis Kucinich and it makes my heart swell with pride and tears flow freely down my cheeks as I witness a peaceful gathering of patriotic Americans gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the war and the policies of this outlaw administration. David Cline of Veterans for Peace is on the screen right now. One of the speakers that I heard today was Lynne Woolsey a Congresswoman from California. One of the talking points repeated by the administration and its apologists is the lack of a Democratic plan. Here is the plan. Click here to read it and to send a letter to your elected representative asking them to endorse H.R. 508.

Follow this link to send the letter now.

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