First flight

Today I went flying again with my instructor. Licensed pilots are required to spend time each year working with instructors to keep their skills honed. Flying an airplane is a great gift and a responsibility.
It had been five months since I last flew and I was glad to have Tom Graves sitting next to me. Tom is a great instructor. He always teaches me something new about the plane and about flying. Today we worked on slow flight, stalls, steep turns and my first ever instrument approach. Next time I’ll be on my own. Next time will be my first solo flight in nearly two years. I’m looking forward to it.

I have been fascinated with flying since I was a small boy. I can remember watching planes take off and land at the commercial airport in Buffalo and at the nearby Buffalo Airpark where general aviation aircraft abound. I managed to talk my grandparents into paying for my first ride in a Cessna in 1966 when I was a freshmen in high school. We took off and landed from the same airport we used today. Flying provides pilots with a unique vista that is not enjoyed by others. Today we climbed up to 7000 feet above Cattaraugus County. From that vantage looking west I could see Chautauqua Lake and further to the west Lake Erie. It was a lovely day to fly. I thank God that I had the gift to be aloft today.

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