Aquinas vs. Scotus

I’ve written about this before. Franciscans believe in the primacy of Christ. In other words Christ came into the world primarily because God loved the world and not primarily because of Adam and Eve’s sin. This theology is what really separates Franciscans from the rest of the Catholic Church and probably most of Christianity.

When I first heard this from Fr. Louis McCormick, OFM nearly seven years ago it really captured my attention and imagination because it was something that I had intuited over the years. Today in an anonymous post on my other blog at I received this link from Fr. Maximillian Mary Dean, F.I. I’m including a link here to Fr. Maximillian’s very interesting commentary on this topic. I hope that you enjoy listening to what he has to say.

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One Reply to “Aquinas vs. Scotus”

  1. The basic question is: does the universe center around sin or around love? Is it sin that drives what God does, as if the incarnation of the Word were only remedial?

    If it is original sin that “got” us salvation in Christ, then we have cause to rejoice in the sin of another-which is clearly bad taste.

    God always meant to sum up all things in Christ, sin or not. Thanks for the reminder! Have a great triduum, Don.

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