Happy Birthday

Today is our son’s 23rd birthday. A lot of water over the dam since 1984. Where has the time gone? If you’re a parent you realize how soon children grow up. He’s a college graduate now, out on his own and making a buck. He still thinks he can make a million before he’s thirty and maybe he can. I’m still an idealist but now there are other things slightly more important than money. Just last week I attended the funeral of one of my co-workers. He was only 51 and fell victim to a rapidly spreading cancer. It was sad to see his wife and children and to share in their grief. Life is very fragile and I’m learning to enjoy each day more and more. Turning 50 was an important milestone. Surviving a pulmonary embolism 18 months ago brought me back to “one day at a time.” I wish the very best to my little boy who is no longer that.

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Yes, life is fragile. Each day becomes more precious as we watch our kids sprout wings, and our friends pass away. In between the sad times, we’re blessed with lots of reasons to celebrate.

    So happy to hear that you survived your blood clot, and that it changed your life in a positive way.

  2. Hey Country Joe!

    My birthday is April 6th, 10 years earlier than your son. With my two children it does appear to be going fast. My son is just over 1 year old and he’s getting tubes in his ears tomorrow. What a stretch for my faith. Love the blog. All the best to you and yours


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