Aerocivic and hypermiling

This information came from my brother. He sends me lots of interesting reading, but this funny looking car gets 95 miles per gallon which might be worth considering with spiking fuel prices.  Read about the Aerocivic here.  The mileage comes in part from Hypermiling, a technique designed to improve your fuel economy. There are some good tips here and I thought you might enjoy saving money. Hypermiling might be equivalent to mindful driving. I’ve actually been practicing hypermiling without realizing it.

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  1. *grin* As a hypermiling hybrid driver, I like to think of my little white car as being an island of calm and civility in the local traffic. I leave a huge stopping distance in front of me and try to use my brakes as little as possible (while my braking energy is being transformed back into motive energy because of my hybrid engine, the laws of thermodynamics tell me that that transformation will “leak”) It’s a very different way of driving than trying to race to my destination, but I’ve found that the time difference between the two ways is negligible.

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