Is there an Ibiza Ecomotive in your future?

Plainfoolish has a great response to one of my earlier comments and I just happened to find the following article on Treehugger’s RSS about an Ibiza Ecomotive. This is worth reading about and maybe there will be one in your future.  I’d like to see tax incentives given to people willing to forego large automobiles. Tax credits ought to go to those individuals and businesses that actually conserve fuel. Instead of taxing fuel, tax those who waste it. The more you save the less you get taxed. What a novel concept?

One Reply to “Is there an Ibiza Ecomotive in your future?”

  1. I’d like to see at the very least fuel taxes being used to improve public transit. I would happily cut out 3/4’s of my driving if I could get to my job by public transit in a reasonable amount of time. As it is, to take public transit means an approximately 2-hour commute each way – and a hefty train ticket price. At home, it’s easier. I’m within walking distance of a large grocery, a small tienda, a variety of restaurants and shops, and several others are a short bus or train ride away.

    I’d also love to see more research into electric/human power hybrid vehicles. I believe these are a real hope for the future. While I can’t afford the Twike – – I think adding human power into the mix is a start to addressing the need for exercise in our increasingly sedentery culture as well as conserving fuel.

    I’d also like to see our roads become safer for smaller cars. I’ve only been in the new car for a little less than a year, and already, I’ve had one driver run into me because he wasn’t paying attention to the little car in front of his big truck.

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