Fuel prices

Tonight I filled up my gas tank. My little car need 12 gallons of gasoline and the total bill came to $44 and some change. Eight years ago when Bill Clinton was president it cost $20 for the same amount of fuel.  Most of the members of Congress and our executive branch don’t give a damn about what we’re paying for fuel. Truckers who haul most of our food and other items to market are paying between four and five dollars a gallon for diesel fuel.  I finally saw some Democrat from Oregon do a little tongue lashing on the floor of the Congress today. I wish our anemic representative would do the same, but I doubt he will as he’s a Republican water carrier for the current nincompoops in the White House.


Is there an Ibiza Ecomotive in your future?

Plainfoolish has a great response to one of my earlier comments and I just happened to find the following article on Treehugger’s RSS about an Ibiza Ecomotive. This is worth reading about and maybe there will be one in your future.  I’d like to see tax incentives given to people willing to forego large automobiles. Tax credits ought to go to those individuals and businesses that actually conserve fuel. Instead of taxing fuel, tax those who waste it. The more you save the less you get taxed. What a novel concept?