Prepared for heartbreak

I’m not watching the news and I can’t even look at the blogs I normally read because tomorrow and more importantly is the night when my heart will get broken one more time.  I’ve been pulling for Barack Obama and our local congressional delegate, Eric Massa. I’m prepared however for the Republican dirty tricks department and another stolen election. Through every form of subterfuge they will attempt to steal the election. They stand to lose too much money if the people win.

As I ran this morning I thought of another man from Illionois who did win the presidency and he did it at a time when the country was equally fractured. There is irony in Lincoln and Obama. Lincoln was the first Republican president and he wanted to save the union, just like Mr. Obama. Just like Mr. Obama he faced the dividers and haters who wanted to tear our union apart.

Now, 148 years later they’re trying to tear us apart once again. This time its not over slavery. I wasn’t going to vote this year. I was going to sit this one out. Obama’s win in Iowa changed that for me. His eventual nomination sealed my duty for tomorrow. I cannot bear the heartbreak of another stolen election.

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  1. I am a bit more optomistic about tomorrow. Though I have a bit of anxiety, I am calling it ‘anticipation.’ It will be good to have the negative commercials and mud slinging done, though. Here in NYS we have not had to deal with all the ROBO calls that some of my friends and colleagues in other states have had to put up with, but we have had our share of negative ads. I look forward to a record number of voters with the hopes for a new era! Be brave! We’ll know soon!

  2. Cindy, Thanks for your optimism. I need that. I did get a pre-recorded call from Bill Clinton today, at least I think it was pre-recorded. I don’t think he’s calling me personally, although he did sign Devin’s Buffalo Bills cap at Chautauqua Institute in 1991. 🙂 Don

  3. As someone who lives in an immigrant neighborhood, I urge everyone, Democrat, Republican, Pastafarian Greenie, Hardcore conservative, whatever, to get out there and vote. Every year – not just those with “big ticket” elections going on, there is a line at the polls here. Many of my neighbors have suffered terribly under regimes that silenced their voices, and when they become citizens, Real Americans, they flock to the polling places to make their American voices heard. Every year, I talk with my neighbors as we wait in lines, sometimes hours long lines, sometimes mere minutes, but always there is a line – and always the “I voted/Yo vote” stickers are seen and talked about.

    Vote pragmatically for the candidate you feel will have the best chance of doing what needs to be done, or vote on principle and find the one who really is sticking her neck out to speak Truth to power, but whichever way you go, vote.

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