This is a special night. This is one of those watershed events in history. This campaign reminded of the campaign of John F. Kennedy in 1960. I remember that. I was a seven year old boy. This campaign just concluded has surpassed that one in the sense that not only have we elected a new president, but we have done so conclusively. I wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would have thought of such an event.  I am filled with gratefulness and happiness. This is the end perhaps of a long dark night in American politics and policy. I hope that President-Elect Obama can bring our nation together. I am weary of politics as usual and I think that is what President Obama will bring a paradigm change. I believe he will be a consensus builder.

We face a very uncertain future. These are times that will require special leadership and I believe that the creator has heard our prayers.  I’ll write more as I’m really tapped out from all of this. I feel very tired tonight, a bit feverish. For nearly eight years now I have been praying for peace, walking for peace, running for peace and just trying to be at peace. Good night. Pax vobiscum.

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