Welcome to Reclaim

I have been looking for new web hosts to place this blog and thanks to a blogger I met via Mastodon today I’ve settled on Reclaim Hosting. Best part is they’re a site that’s focused on education. Higher education in particular but welcoming students, academics and other folks not necessarily connected to academia. In addition to that delightful mix their hosting fee was very reasonable and I got the domain name I had been toying with. I started blogging in 2006 on Blogger.com but moved to WordPress.com after about a year. I have been on WordPress.com ever since.

I’m grateful for my experience these many years and fortunately for me I was able to download all my posts in a backup file and then move them to this new host. That’s a very nice feature of WordPress. This has been an exciting year in many respects and one of those nice surprises has been moving much of my social networking to Mastodon or in my case Fosstodon. Open source software and open education are my passion. They offer tremendous opportunities to everyone regardless of where you happen to be on the education continuum.