Anniversary Picture

Joe and Betty Carrier flanked by their children and grandchildren on the occasion of their 55th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sprague’s Maple Farms in nearby Portville. It was a lovely October afternoon.  The only one missing was our son Devin who was off playing in a benefit golf tournament. I’ve been a member of this family for just a little over 25 years and I regard Mom and Dad as though they were my own parents. I’m very happy for both of them. I cannot imagine our lives without them. Dinner at Spragues is always a treat and today was no different. If you’re ever in southwestern New York State you owe it to yourself to visit Spragues. It’s a lovely restaraunt that showcases area maple syrup production.  My father-in-law is one of those area producers who each spring bring us tasty maple syrup. I’ve been blessed to have had a grandfather and father-in-law who are maple producers. I’ve almost never been without real maple syrup.