Yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of our wedding. Like most couple who mark such milestones we remember what we once looked like and the people who were at our wedding. Some of that number is gone from us now and so we remember them perhaps more vividly. Others like our own children, the very fruit, of our union and who have been and continue to be the focus of our lives seem to have with us since the beginning. That cannot be but it seems that way.

We spent an overnight in Buffalo, New York. Traveling a short 50 miles from our home doesn’t seem like much of a trip yet it provided us with a memorable overnight in the Queen City. We had great accommodations at the Embassy Suites there. A short trip to Niagara Falls last night after a great dinner at our hotel.

This morning we rose early to watch our daughter, Dara compete in the  Buffalo Marathon. She actually competed in the half-marathon. A thirteen mile run in no mean accomplishment and she did it in two hours and two minutes. We were very happy for her. Following the race and checking out of our hotel we traveled across the border to Ft. Erie and then up the Niagara Parkway past the Falls and on to Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.   Niagara-on-the-Lake was mobbed today and so we only tarried long enough for a couple of tarts and juice. On our return trip on the Parkway we decided to pull off and enjoy the peaceful backdrop of the Niagara River.

There is something about the peaceful and contemplative setting of still waters. Whether I find myself along the Cooper River in South Carolina or the still waters of the Niagara along the Canadian border I return renewed and refreshed.

“he leads me beside the still waters.”

Anniversary Picture

Joe and Betty Carrier flanked by their children and grandchildren on the occasion of their 55th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sprague’s Maple Farms in nearby Portville. It was a lovely October afternoon.  The only one missing was our son Devin who was off playing in a benefit golf tournament. I’ve been a member of this family for just a little over 25 years and I regard Mom and Dad as though they were my own parents. I’m very happy for both of them. I cannot imagine our lives without them. Dinner at Spragues is always a treat and today was no different. If you’re ever in southwestern New York State you owe it to yourself to visit Spragues. It’s a lovely restaraunt that showcases area maple syrup production.  My father-in-law is one of those area producers who each spring bring us tasty maple syrup. I’ve been blessed to have had a grandfather and father-in-law who are maple producers. I’ve almost never been without real maple syrup.

On the road again…

We spent the night in Breezewood, PA. after driving from Franklinville, NY enroute to Williamsburg, VA. We’re celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this weekend.  Twenty-five years and two children and the passage from a thirty year old to a fifty-five year old has occurred in what seems like half the time. Last night when we stopped for dinner I took advantage of my senior status and got a nice meal at a reduced rate.

Good news yesterday as our daughter, Dara got a 4.0 at Fredonia State College for the spring semester of 2008. We’re very proud of her. She’s on track for summa cum laude next spring.  We recalled our trip twenty-five years ago in my 1980 Chevy pickup with “just married” taped and tied to the tailgate. We had no idea of the rich journey we were undertaking. We had no idea of the children who have blessed our marriage nor the many lovely memories. Back then I was working as a custodian and Diane was a third grade teacher.  We used to bring Diane’s Commodore 64 home and hook it up to the TV. Diane and others encouraged me to return to college and in 1987 and 1988 I received my A.S. and B.S. from Regents College and I was on track to a career change.

Twenty-five years later we make the same journey with much different surroundings. Laptop and digital camera in hand. Cell phones at the ready. Text messaging our children and keeping in touch with our parents as we make our way to Colonial Williamsburg, a place of special memories.  God has blessed us. This is our second or third vacation without the children and its somewhat lonely, but still we are connected in an increasingly connected world.