Along the Erie Canal

I took a fairly long day trip today after Mass at Mt. Irenaeus and eventually I made my way to the edge of the Erie Canal near Bushnell’s Basin just east of the Village of Pittsford, New York. It was a beautiful day as temperatures reached the high sixties and many folks were either jogging, cycling or walking along the towpath on the opposite side of the canal from where I took this picture.

I’ve had a fascination with the Erie Canal that goes back to my childhood when I first began to read about it. My great-grandparents, Welsh immigrants to this country made their way to Upstate New York along this waterway. In fact, Richard and Catherines Owens might well have looked upon the spot where I stood today as they made their way from Castle Garden in New York City where they first entered the United States. My grandmother was their youngest child and she along with five of her seven siblings were born in the United States. Two of Grandma’s eldest sisters were born in Wales and made their way along this water route with their parents to Western New York. That was nearly one-hundred and twenty years ago.


Yesterday afternoon we drove to Rochester, New York to meet our son for dinner. Devin had turned 24,  April 4th but his work precluded our getting together that day.  Where have the last twenty-four years gone? All parents probably ask questions like that. We arrived at his apartment which is on the east side of the city near the science museum.  It was such a lovely day that we took a brief walk with him as we awaited the arrival of his girlfriend.

As we walked we noticed crocuses, robins, gray squirrels and a particularly cute black and white dog. We strolled along this lovely section of the city and enjoyed it along with the other folks who seemed to be out enjoying this lovely harbinger of warm weather.   After our walk we all climbed into our PT Cruiser and headed for Pittsford Plaza and Plum Garden.  Plum Garden was Devin’s choice for his birthday dinner. The four of us arrived and were seated after a brief wait. It’s been awhile since I ate in a Japanese restaurant. Our dinner was prepared before us and  it was a real delight. The food was excellent and I’d recommend Plum Garden to anyone visiting Rochester or Pittsford.