Blue Skies

Today was a lovely day and I spent a lot of it on the road. Driving first to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass and then later to Rochester for GardenScape and then out for dinner with Devin and Diane. Winter in Western New York is to be endured and this one has been one of the snowiest and grayest on record. It was just lovely today and I really enjoyed being alive. I haven’t felt compelled to write much here lately. I’ve been very busy learning what I can about Drupal and moving forward with our web development business.  I haven’t been doing anything really special for Lent either. I’m neither up nor down, but somewhere in the middle.

Today as I listened to the first reading at Mass I was struck by the following line.

You shall not take the name of the LORD, your God, in vain.
For the LORD will not leave unpunished
the one who takes his name in vain.

For most people that means not swearing. I think there’s more to taking the Lord’s name in vain than swearing.  I believe how we treat all that surrounds us is as important as any words we utter.  Last week I chaired a meeting where we served brownies and chocolate milk. One of my guests remarked on such treats in the middle of Lent. I think there is a lot more to Lent than giving up chocolate. I’d rather eat brownies and drink chocolate milk and try to love my neighbor than give all that up and be unkind to my neighbor.  What is more important afterall?


Yesterday afternoon we drove to Rochester, New York to meet our son for dinner. Devin had turned 24,  April 4th but his work precluded our getting together that day.  Where have the last twenty-four years gone? All parents probably ask questions like that. We arrived at his apartment which is on the east side of the city near the science museum.  It was such a lovely day that we took a brief walk with him as we awaited the arrival of his girlfriend.

As we walked we noticed crocuses, robins, gray squirrels and a particularly cute black and white dog. We strolled along this lovely section of the city and enjoyed it along with the other folks who seemed to be out enjoying this lovely harbinger of warm weather.   After our walk we all climbed into our PT Cruiser and headed for Pittsford Plaza and Plum Garden.  Plum Garden was Devin’s choice for his birthday dinner. The four of us arrived and were seated after a brief wait. It’s been awhile since I ate in a Japanese restaurant. Our dinner was prepared before us and  it was a real delight. The food was excellent and I’d recommend Plum Garden to anyone visiting Rochester or Pittsford.