Public Option Dead

Word on the web is that the public option in health care is dead. That’s really too bad because not getting the cost of medical care under control will eventually be the undoing of the United States of America. Corporate news sources which include all the major news outlets were complicit in this debacle as were the insurance companies who own Congress. There used to be a difference between Republicans and Democrats but it’s all one big oligarchic party now and the American people are the losers. Most Americans were actually in favor of a public option, but just like the Iraq War, congress failed to do the will of the people and so bent to their corporate masters. I’m disappointed to say the least. Obama is proving to be no substantive difference from Bush. We heard a lot of talk right after the election, the inauguration and maybe into March, but then it’s been business as usual with the oligarchs running the country. How much longer the middle class can support the wealthy in this country remains to be seen, but my bet is that it won’t be much longer before we crumble from within. We have become exactly like ancient Rome and all the other man-made empires before and since. “We the people, by the people and for the people,” has perished from the earth. Alas, one nation under God is no more, we worship the golden calf.