Managing your money on Linux

GnuCash is a popular open-source personal finance or small business accounting for Linux users. It is a full-featured double-entry accounting system that supports multiple accounts, investments, and currency conversions. The app also provides a variety of helpful financial tools, including budgeting, reporting, invoicing and more. GnuCash is a great choice for users who are looking for a comprehensive and powerful financial management solution. GnuCash is my own personal favorite that I have been using everyday for over six years. GnuCash can be installed from the command line or as a Flatpak depending on your distribution and/or personal choice. GnuCash is licensed with Gnu Public License. GnuCash is also available for MacOS and Windows users too.

Homebank is a free, open-source personal finance app for Linux, Windows and MacOS users. It easily imports files from Quicken, Microsoft Money and other software. It also imports from popular bank formats OFX/QFX, QIF and CSV. The source code for Homebank is freely available and licensed with GPL v 2.0. The project provides information about how to download and install on your distribution or operating system.

KMyMoney is a cross-platform double-entry bookkeeping system for personal finance management built on KDE. It’s similar in operation to popular proprietary personal finance applications. KMyMoney also supports multiple accounts and currencies, making it a great choice for users who need to manage their finances in multiple countries. It’s latest stable release was June 2021. It is licensed with Gnu Public License. The project provides download images for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Skrooge is open source and available for download and install on Linux and BSD. It’s also available on Windows and MacOS. You can import accounts from many sources including AFB120, QIF, CSV, MT940, OFX, QFX. According to their website Skrooge is able to import directly transactions from all your banks web sites in one click. Skrooge provides excellent documentation too.